Services Offered

Bathtub Refinishing

Eventually over time bathtubs loose their luster.

Is your bathtub no longer shiny?

Perhaps you have marks on it that you cannot remove or stains that just won't go away.  

Replacing your bathtub can cost thousands of dollars.  Bathtub Refinishing is a great option that saves you both time and money. Bathroom Breakthroughs specializes in Bathtub Refinishing and can make your tub look beautiful again!

All Bathtub Refinishing Projects carry a 5 Year Written Warranty.

Shower Refinishing

Over time the onslaught of water and soap buildup wreak havoc on showers.  This can result in missing and dirty grout lines and also leave you with tile or fiberglass that are unsightly in color.  

For most people removing an old shower and replacing it is simply not an option. Bathroom Breakthroughs specializes in Shower Refinishing. If your shower needs some work, the doors removed and screw holes fixed, or just freshening up with a new color it is all included with Bathroom Breakthroughs Shower Refinishing Service.

All Shower Refinishing Projects carry a 5 Year Written Warranty.

Wall Tile Refinishing

Is the wall tile surrounding your bathtub a color you do not like?  Has it become impossible to clean?  Is the wall tile missing grout?


Perhaps your entire bathroom is covered in wall tile and you would like it to look more clean and up to date?  

Removing this wall tile can be extremely costly and require a lot of demolition. Bathroom Breakthroughs specializes in Wall Tile Refinishing that will give your original wall tile a new look that you will love!

All Tile Refinishing Projects carry a 5 Year Written Warranty.

Fiberglass Refinishing

When fiberglass gets old it turns dingy and is impossible to clean.  Discoloration can be very unsightly on fiberglass units.  

Perhaps you have a unit and would like to have your doors removed and have it beautiful again and more open. Bathroom Breakthroughs specializes in Fiberglass Refinishing.  It will give your fiberglass unit new life again at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

All Fiberglass Refinishing Projects carry a 5 Year Written Warranty.

Fiberglass Inlay Mat

When fiberglass showers and bathtubs become cracked on the bottom many people think they are forced to replace them.  

Bathroom Breakthroughs can repair this for you with a fiberglass inlay mat solution.  These carry a full lifetime warranty and can be installed for mere hundreds of dollars.  

If your bathtub or shower is leaking and not usable call us today for an estimate to fix it!

Fiberglass Inlay Mat Projects carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Porcelain and Fiberglass Repair

Chips in your porcelain bathtub or your fiberglass unit can be repaired.   Bathroom Breakthroughs specializes in bathtub repair and can fix this type of damage with precision and even color match the repair so it disappears!